Art, Diary, Poems and Housekeeping

This week has been very busy and at times my brain has been making me revisit old trauma’s and my EID (Emotional Intensity Disorder) has also been having a lot of fun with my tear ducts – none of this is said to garner any other reaction than (hopefully) an understanding that this week’s post is shorter than most and mostly, house keeping.

I have added a few new pages to my website recently, in case my title was too vague, those pages are Poems, Art and a Diary. My aim is to do more than simply write articles, on here I want to also share other creative outlets that I enjoy and that quite frankly keep me alive. As it is an essential part – and often pretty telling of where I am mental health wise.

I want this blog to be a full picture, (or as full as I am able) of what it is like living with the mental illnesses and disorders I do and trying to carve a beautiful, safe, loving and creative life for myself – all while standing up for causes I care about and being the best mum and human I can be.

So, when I post a new poem, diary entry or piece of art (like the cover for this blog) I will post it onto my blog as well and give a little background of what inspired me. This means more content, generally – all though, just as my mental health is inconsistent, so too shall be the extra posts. I will continue to post the ‘main’ blog on a Sunday, brain permitting.

In the mean time, feel free to have a nose around whats there so far and

Until next time,

Be kind to yourselves.

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