Tuesday 24th August – 2:30am…

Well, it’s 2:30 am and I am wide-awake which can only mean one thing, my good friend insomnia is back, I didn’t miss her.

Today’s been a little weird, it’s been my first full day back at my laptop since having time off and I feel like I just face planted into work and my life in general-not in a mental breakdown way just in an, ‘wait hold on is this still a thing?’ Kinda way.

So it’s been a day of adjustments and the summer holidays are still raging here in the UK, it’s another two weeks of trying to juggle my kid, my brain, my dreams and the DWP. The aim is to build a career… Nay a life for my son and I, one that makes sense for me and the boy, one that works not just around but with my mental health, one means I don’t have to depend on the changing tides of the governments empathy to the chronically ill – one that I can be proud of.

In other news, Miles and I rescued a baby pigeon today-it had been abandoned by its parents and couldn’t fly so my gorgeous boy carried the chick a mile to our nearest wildlife rescue centre and we will see how they are doing in a couple of days.

We named them Will Smith

Oh, and weirdly I’ve recently found I’ve become slightly obsessed with eating ice… Not sure what that’s about, are used to do it from time to time to ground me when I felt a dissociative episode coming on for the past couple of weeks I’m craving it I’m sure that’s completely fine and normal.Anyway, I’m going to use my insomnia to get things done, see if I can’t catch up a bit on life and I don’t know… sanity.

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