When Winter Comes: A Review

One of the things I wanted to when I started this blog, was book reviews, it has taken me some time to get around to it because… well, I’m me and as I have clearly stated I’m a warming trash can fire on tepid evening.

The first book I offer up is the deliciously dark, ‘When Winter Comes: A Collected Serial’ by Daniel Willcocks. This was originally released back in 2020 as a series of six episodes which he has now collected, re-edited and revised.

The premise of the book is this, a town called Dendridge in Alaska is hit with an insane blizzard as the northern lights turn crimson, the storm ushers in many dangers to the inhabitants of the small tow and snow, is the least of their concerns…

I’m not sure how Willcocks has managed it but the collected edition is even better than the sum of its parts…

I was once again instantly hooked with this story, the prose is so beautiful which only serves to further highlight the tension masterfully woven throughout. It’s fast paced, character driven, breath takingly gripping and always leaves you wanting to know more. There were so many moments where Willcocks’ action had me wanting to hide behind a cushion but considering I needed my eyes to read, I had to refrain. The characters are so well fleshed out it’s impossible not to feel yourself in their situation, imagine the blizzard (which is written so incredibly, it feels like a character in its own right) wrapping around you and the screams getting closer. I couldn’t help but put myself in each character’s nightmarish situation.

‘When Winter Comes’ is unyielding in its suspense, pace, questions, action and horror. Packed with the most beautiful, real dialogue, terrifying and breath snatching scenes and gorgeous description with brief moments of perfectly placed brevity that only serve to further underline the isolation and desperate situation of the people of Dendridge. I couldn’t help but feel a great unease stalking through this story alongside me.

When Winter Comes’ is available now.

Everything about this revision is done right, so faithful to the original series and story but tighter, faster and even more terrifying – once again I cannot recommend ‘When Winter Comes’ enough and I will watch with hawk eyes for the next work by this incredible author.

Until next time, stay warm, stay safe and watch out for the storm…

This post is NOT sponsored and there are no affiliate links, I’m sharing a book I have purchased and read, all opinions are my own.

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