Mr Sandman, Bring Me a Dream…

Thursday 20th January

I slept like a baby last night. And by that I mean I was awake until way past the time I should have been, woke up every hour and, was unreasonably hungry at 4 am.

Since I last wrote, I have not had a day go ‘to the plan’ and today was no exception. I’m still good with it, I’m still being kind to myself. Through this, I have managed to get things done, whereas previously I would have written the days off one by one if I thought I couldn’t achieve everything I had set myself. So far this week I have made progress on my debut novel, now in its fifth draft and close to its sixth, I have planned out a couple of YouTube videos that I plan on filming this week, written these posts, done my behind the scenes admin stuff, video editing, worked on my Activated Authors responsibilities, done one of my three yoga sessions, kept up with my skincare routine, guitar lessons and of course worked my butt off in my momma bear duties.

Like I say, things have fallen through the cracks, the biggest victim so far being morning and evening routines and while I must admit though I’m feeling a wee bit frayed today, I am proud of myself for keeping it together, for picking it up when I could and not flogging myself for circumstances I couldn’t control.

All that being said, I am praying to anyone who will listen for a full night’s sleep tonight because I’m tired.

I’m exhausted actually.

The past week or so has been emotionally difficult due to some family issues and that has had a knock-on effect on both Miles’ and my sleep. Unfortunately, the kid takes after me for sleep. Meaning he can be awake way into the small hours if he’s poorly, upset, or has a lot on his mind. Last night he had all three and he crept into my bed for comfort and a conversation that would leave Oprah breathless.

So right now my wish is that tonight I have time to go through my evening routine after my medium man is settled in his bed and sleeping and that I may in turn slip into a deep, restful sleep.

After all, stranger things have happened.


Until next time,

I hope the sandman blesses you with slumber.

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