Oh Consistency, Thou Art a Fickle Bitch

I love me a good self development book. Just having it on my shelf with an un-cracked spine makes me feel like I am more accomplished, as if my soul is richer by its mere presence. But there is one thing I have found in basically all the books I have read that brings meContinue reading “Oh Consistency, Thou Art a Fickle Bitch”

If You Could Have Any Superpower, What Would it Be?

T/W: REFERENCE TO ABUSE (NON GRAPHIC) We’ve all played this game, right? In the playground with out friends, thinking over all the powers and carefully weighing each one as if we were to be actually granted our choice? Oh, who am I kidding? ‘Played’ like I don’t still consider the merits of flight vs speed,Continue reading “If You Could Have Any Superpower, What Would it Be?”

An Ode to my Mother

This is my Mum: Or as I still call her, with no shame and perhaps a smidge of arrested development, Mummy. As its Mothers Day here in the UK, I want to introduce you to her because she is one of life’s unsung heroes, well, I want to sing. I saw this quote on aContinue reading “An Ode to my Mother”