Writers For Ukraine – The 1 Million Word Challenge

The following post is NOT SPONSORED but I wanted to share the Activated Authors charity drive in aid of Ukraine

As you know, there has been no secret made about the atrocities currently being undertaken on the European country of Ukraine. Since its unfounded invasion of Ukraine on Thursday 24th February, things are steadily getting worse.

As a member of a European country we, at Activated Authors, have been watching events unfold with more anxiety than we’ve ever felt at global news. And, as writers, we’ve found that the last week our member writers have been unable to focus on work, wondering where the hell fiction writing fits into the grand scheme of things while so many Ukrainians are suffering, and Russia threatens the “Nuclear” button on a near-daily basis. It seems a strange ordeal to be concerned about character names and fictional worlds while increasingly more Ukrainian refugees are without a homeland.

This is why we decided to take some kind of action and to levy our platform in a way that could not only support Ukrainian refugees, but to also activate the independent writing community in a way that could make a real difference. So far we’ve already seen unity from The Alliance of Independent Authors, Mark Leslie Lefebvre, Jenna Moreci, J Thorn and Crys Cain from The Author Success Mastermind, Katlyn Duncan, Sarra Cannon from Heart Breathings, MiblArt (who have artists in Ukraine), The Writer’s Mindset, The Other Stories podcast, and I’m in the final confirming stages with more widely revered authors, podcasts, and organisations, and we’d be honoured to have you involved, should you wish.

Writers for Ukraine: The One Million Word Challenge

From Wed 9–Tues 15th March, we’re running a global challenge for writers to hit a combined total of 1,000,000 words written (in 7 days), to raise a minimum of £10,000 for the Ukrainian crisis. 

The process is simple: writers and authors of any level, genre, and experience can sign up for the challenge, make their donation, and get involved simply by heading over to www.activatedauthors.com/Ukraine. Total word counts from each author can be updated on the live word tracker sheet, with a tally totalling the overall amount as the challenge progresses.

All proceeds and profits will go directly to British-Ukrainian Aid, a charity with their feet on the ground, supporting those refugees who need it most, with donations made through our GoFundMe page.

What can YOU do?

We are calling on any and all support from writers, publishers, and creatives from all genres and backgrounds to get involved. No matter how big or small your contribution, it would be greatly appreciated.

Below I’ve listed a few ways that you can get involved to help have a real impact in these trying times.

  1. Join the challenge: You can sign up and get involved over our 7-day challenge, adding your word count totals to our sheet to help us reach our 1 million. Just sign up HERE
  1. Make a donation: Donate as much or as little as you can to our GoFundMe page and help us reach our target of £10,000. You can find our donation page HERE
  1. Pledge your support: We’d love to make this a united effort from across the writing community. With your permission, we’d love to share your logo or artwork on our website and social media as a “Supported by” affiliate to show that you’re contributing to this worthwhile cause.
  1. Spread the word: We’ve made it real easy to spread the word. By using #writersforukraine, we’ll be able to share and amplify the support from the community. We’ve also put together a small package of artwork that you can download and use on your platforms, for your convenience. Find a Google Drive folder HERE.
  1. Put me in touch with authors and influencers who may be interested in finding out more.

I realise that the turnaround on this is fast, but it’s a rapidly evolving situation. It’s rare that we reach out to the wider writing community like this, but the time is now, and support is desperately needed

Once again, everything you need to know can be found at www.activatedauthors.com/ukraine 

(On behalf of Daniel Willcocks, International Bestselling Author, Award-winning Podcaster, and Founder and Author Coach at Activated Authors)

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